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Outreach to social service organizations are one of the key social support activities from PMI Kerala.

Founder of Pallium, a nationwide registered charitable trust aimed at providing quality palliative care and support to affected families and communities, delivered a talk in one of the regional conferences of the chapter, and on his request, the chapter initiated several social support programs for the community they are serving.

PMIK Udaan was the educational support program for underprivileged children and from 100 students in 2019 currently, the chapter is supporting 400 students every year. Disha program has been initiated as an ongoing volunteer-driven program to develop leadership skills, personality, and English language so as to improve their employability. PMI Kerala is supporting socially and economically backward students to find a better career, a career orientation program, interview skills – trained, and helping them to get placed in notable companies. children were introduced to sustainable development goals and their relevance to future generations.

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