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PMI Kerala Chapter Election 2024

Monday February 12, 2024

PMIK Kerala Chapter announces election 2024

PMI Kerala Chapter Board Announced appointment of Dr. Krishna Kumar, as Election Officer to conduct the elections to the Chapter Board for the year 2024. The Election Nomination Review Committee, comprising Kenny Paul and Venkata Subramanian, has been formed to review nominations for the role of Election Nomination Review Committee Members.
Election officer and the committee members will oversee and conducts the election for the year 2024.
The following roles will be open for elections as the current role owners have completed their 2-year term.

1.      VP Operations

2.      VP Finance

3.      VP Governance

4.      VP Professional Development

A minimum criterion of at least 30 hours of voluntary work in the last 2 years for the chapter is the minimum requirement for nomination. 

If you are a member of the PMI Kerala Chapter with good standing and eligible to stand for elections, you are invited to nominate yourself or another eligible member of the PMI Kerala Chapter in good standing for election. Following is the process and schedule:

1Nomination window opens28 Jan 2024
2Nomination window closes25 Feb 2024, 05:00 PM IST
3Publish nominations status at website29 Feb 2024
4Last day of withdrawal of nominations03 Mar 2024
5Announcement of election & voting17 Mar 2024
6Closure of voting 28 Mar 2024, 05:00 PM IST
7Announcement of results01 Apr 2024
8AGM07 Apr 2024

 1.     Chapter members to send in their nominations (they can send in self-nomination or can be nominated by another member) indicating the Role, name and PMI ID of the nominee and also own PMI ID along with a brief profile of the nominee with the details of eligibility criteria in the attached template on or before close of nomination window.

2.     The nominations to be sent only to the email-ID elections@pmikerala.org in the template attached only; else it will be treated as void.

3.     If you are nominating another person, the nominee should be copied in the mail and should acknowledge the nomination; else it will be treated as void.

4.     Publish the list of nominations and positions on the website www.pmikerala.org

5.     If there is more than one nomination for a position, an election  will be conducted. In such a case, elections will be announced as per the above schedule.

6.      In case of voting, Votes will be tabulated, and the result will be published.

Please note that the nominations are to be sent only to the id elections@pmikerala.org, and those sent to any other id will be treated as invalid. If multiple votes are received from the same member only the first one will be counted.